People’s stories

An important part of raising awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is telling people’s stories. Below are some real life stories of people who have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you or your family have been affected by Carbon Monoxide poisoning, then telling your story could help save lives. If you would us  to help you share your story, please contact us using the Share your Experience form.

Jude Sellmeyer

I’m extremely lucky to be alive today – it’s only because I was awake for an early shift that I was aware that I had been poisoned during the night. If I’d slept for an hour longer I wouldn’t be here. It’s so important that everyone gets an audible carbon monoxide alarm to protect them and their family. Get a CO alarm today - tomorrow could be too late. READ MORE

Stacey Rodgers

“If we’d had a carbon monoxide alarm that night…if I’d have had information about carbon monoxide… Dominic would be here today.”


Vikki Courtman

"I lost Robert to carbon monoxide poisoning because of a blocked chimney. It was the worst day of life and something no one should have to go through. Carbon monoxide is easily preventable, yet too many lives are lost or harmed ever year. I want to encourage everyone to buy an alarm today as it is the only way to be sure you and your loved ones are protected.” READ MORE