Be CO safe for National Camping and Caravanning Week

Campers and caravanners need to be aware of the dangers from carbon monoxide poisoning, the CO – Be Alarmed! campaign said today. As National Camping and Caravanning Week [NCCW] takes to the road, the safety campaign advises holiday makers to take an audible CO alarm with them.

Follow these simple rules so the week is safe as well as fun.

Be Alarmed! – Pack an audible CO alarm. Alarms cost about £20 and are available from DIY stores, supermarkets and many high street shops as well as online;

Safety service – Make sure any holiday appliances, cookers and heaters are working properly and have them serviced regularly;

Enjoy fresh air – Don’t use gas cookers and barbeques in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces and never bring a BBQ into a tent or caravan.

Lawrence Slade, spokesperson for CO Be Alarmed campaign said:

“Our campaign works to raise awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. We are urging people to protect themselves from Carbon Monoxide. Buy an audible CO alarm, bring it with you, it can save your life.”

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide:
• headaches
• dizziness
• nausea
• breathlessness
• collapse
• loss of consciousness

Carbon monoxide has no colour, taste or smell and it can be produced by gas or petrol burning appliances that aren’t working properly or are being used in spaces without enough ventilation; this can lead to poisoning. Carbon Monoxide symptoms can be mistaken for a cold. In some cases poisoning can lead to permanent brain damage, potentially this can be fatal.