Enjoy your August bank holiday, safe from carbon monoxide

It’s the August bank holiday this weekend. We’re all hoping for a last sunny break as the summer winds down to autumn. Many people like to enjoy the bank holiday with a BBQ or by going camping. If you do, make sure that you stay safe from the potential effects of carbon monoxide (CO).

BBQs and gas heaters both produce CO, a deadly gas that cannot be smelt, tasted or seen. If people use a BBQ in a tent, a caravan or under a canopy it can lead to a build-up of CO. Last summer saw a number of people falling ill after taking these appliances into a tent for warmth.

CO causes dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and a loss of consciousness. It can cause permanent brain damage and in some cases can be fatal. If you are going away this bank holiday weekend, take a portable CO alarm with you and make sure you use your fuel burning appliances safely in the open air.

If you are going away camping, make sure you take a portable CO alarm. They start from around £15 and can be picked up at DIY shops or supermarkets. It is important to know the dangers of CO. This bank holiday be aware and be safe.