Stay safe from CO at Glastonbury

Glastonbury is just around the corner! We here at CO Be Alarmed want revellers to enjoy the weekend, but most importantly be aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (MO). There are many activities that party-goers enjoy at festivals, which bring with them the dangers of CO poisoning.

Classic festival items, which all produce CO, a deadly gas that cannot be seen, smelt or tasted are:

  • BBQs
  • Bonfires
  • Shisha pipes
  • Gas cookers
  • Gas heaters

CO causes dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and a loss of consciousness. It can cause permanent brain damage and in some cases can be fatal. If you are going to any festivals this summer, take a portable CO alarm with you and make sure you use your fuel burning appliances safely in the open air.

When these items are used incorrectly in a tent, a caravan or in an enclosed space it can lead to a build-up of the gas, which could potentially be fatal for those around.

Five ways to protect yourself are:

  1. DO bring an audible CO alarm – you can pick on up from DIY store, supermarkets and many high street shops
  2. DO have fuel burning appliances like cookers and heaters serviced annually.
  3. DO learn about the danger signs and symptoms of CO poisoning
  4. DON’T bring your barbeque, cooker or shisha pipe inside your tent, lit or extinguished, as the build-up of carbon monoxide emitted in a small space can be fatal.
  5. DON’T block ventilation points

Last year, there were a number of people suffering from CO poisoning while camping.  This was largely due to gas cookers not working properly or campers bringing their BBQs inside their tents for warmth. New research has shown that 71% of people don’t realise that BBQs are a source of CO so if you see friends using them inappropriately, make sure to let them know the dangers.

It is important to know the dangers of CO. To all festival-goers this year, be aware and be safe.